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Outfit your league with our exclusive program designed to shirt teams within your league.

League Enhancement Alliance Program (L.E.A.P) is available for all USBC sanctioned leagues that are at least 33 weeks long – (custom changes can be made for longer or shorter leagues). The goal of this program is add some additional incentives for the sanctioned league bowler and to reward the bowling center for their participation! Have your league vote to take the L.E.A.P



Only $2 a week!

League Bowlers receive the following:


Custom H5G Jersey

a retail value of $100.

League Championship custom H5G Jersey

Winning team will receive another custom h5g jersey. retail value of $500.

Commemorative H5G 300 and 800 Jerseys

Each player has the chance to receive a free H5G Jersey when they roll their 1st 300 game and their 1st 800 series of the year. 1 jersey max per accomplishment per player.


How the program works




Fine print details

need more explanation? See below for a more indepth look at how LEAP works.

League votes to include the H5G League Enhancement Alliance Program.

The bowling center will be invoice for 50% of the total amount due to begin the process.

Teams are directed to the H5G League Alliance Enhancement site to complete the registration order. Each team picks from the jerseys in the H5G Styles section on the H5G website (around 150 styles to choose from), along with sizes, collar, bowling ball company (if wanted) and name (if wanted). ). All shirts come with the bowling center logo. Once the order has been placed, the H5G Design team will send the email of the person who checked out a mock up to review of the teams jerseys – the bowler will have to reply with an approval for the jerseys to be produced. If the bowlers have ordered from H5G in the past they should be aware of the approval process but if they are new please remind bowlers that no jerseys are produced unless they submit an approval.

H5G will send a weekly report to the bowling center that tracks how many teams have submitted their jersey orders for each league that is signed up for the program. It is the leagues responsibility to make sure all the teams have entered the necessary information to receive their jerseys in a timely manner. The goal is to have all jersey orders entered by week 4.

After week 4 (or once the last team has submitted their order- whichever comes first) the bowling center will be invoice for the balance of the total amount due. Paying this in a timely manner allows us to ship the teams jerseys as soon as they are completed. Keeping in mind that the teams that order right away and sign off quickly will be the first teams to receive their orders.

In about 4 – 5 weeks from the team's approval, the jerseys will be ready for delivery. The jerseys will be shipped directly to the center labeled by team name. This shipment will only happen once the final deposit is paid by the center.

Any honor scores achieved during the season will be entered into an order form by the bowler and proprietor. The free commemorative jersey will be shipped to the center in about 4-5 weeks. A MAX of one 300 and one 800 jerseys is allowed per person per season.

At the end of the season the proprietor and championship team will fill out a form to receive their free championship jerseys. The number of championship jerseys will be equal to the number of jersey purchased by that team (i.e. if the team paid for 6 jerseys for a rotating team they will receive 6 championship jerseys, it they paid for 5 they would receive 5).








Was your league in leap last year? If so, this program is for you!

LEAP plus was designed to help teams sub in new bowlers for the next season. If your center has participated in LEAP from the previous season and wants to be able to buy fill in jerseys at $66 dollars each, LEAP + is a must!

How the program works