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H5G Introduces New Lines of Fashion-and-Function

Bowling Pants for Men, Practice Attire for Women


New Berlin, Wis. (September 19, 2017) – H5G, the trend-setting leader in bowling sports apparel, has introduced new lines of fit-and-function bowling pants for men, and fit-and-fashion practice attire for women bowlers, H5G President Todd Molbeck announced today.


“Our company set out to create products that would change the perception of bowling,” Molbeck said. “We’ve accomplished that objective through our line of high-quality, professional-looking products, so now’s the time to take the next step in creating a new image for bowling and bowlers.”


H5G is addressing its newest goals with a line of “pro fit” bowling pants for men that are designed for fit, flexibility, comfort and support, Molbeck said. The new product line has been approved by the United States Bowling Congress for collegiate competition, expanding the ability of collegiate teams to establish and promote their identities.

The athletic design of the new “athleisure” pants provide stretch and comfort in all the right places, earning high praise among Professional Bowlers Association stars who have worn them.

“I must say I was very impressed with the pants,” said PBA Tour champion Kyle Troup. “First off, the look is very sleek. I love the fabric and feel of the pants. They are a bit more form-fitting and truer to size around the waist. I think these pants are pretty amazing. It’s definitely the nicest pair of black pants I own.”

“They felt great and are very comfortable to wear,” fellow PBA Tour champion Sean Rash added.

The new women’s signature practice gear, a fashion statement in the vein of “yoga” style pants, has also drawn rave reviews.

“I absolutely love H5G’s new practice gear,” said Professional Women’s Bowling Association titlist Danielle McEwan. “They have instantly become one of my favorite pairs of pants. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable to practice, work out in, and even for travel! My favorite part is the high waist line and snug but flexible fit that allows me to do any movement I want without having to adjust them back into place.” 

Former collegiate All-American and current PWBA competitor Lindsay Boomershine agrees.

"The new practice gear from H5G is simply the best! It looks professional in any situation but it’s also comfortable, fashion forward and breathable,” Boomershine said. “H5G really takes its athletes into consideration with their high quality, wearable but fashionable products! I love my H5G Gear!"

“The new practice gear from H5G is breathable, lightweight and fits like practice or workout attire should,” added Elysia Current. “I don't have to worry about sweating, and seeing sweat marks all over or feeling ‘swampy.’  I know when I wear H5G I'm going to look and feel great, and I’ll be ready to give it my best on the lanes and in the gym.”


H5G apparel was created to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. Engineered to optimize performance and comfort, H5G offers some of the most progressive and original shirts on the market in addition to its newest products. But it’s not just about the fashion. H5G’s commitment to excellence and a passion that redefines what is possible has led to innovative performance material that keeps you dry, is resistance to wrinkles, and soft to the touch.


To learn more about H5G’s complete line of products, visit:, High 5 Gear on Facebook or @high5gear on Twitter.


September 2017

H5G Named Official Jersey of Elite Youth Tour, Signs

Team USA Standout Diandra Asbaty as Staff Member


New Berlin, Wis. (September 12, 2017) – H5G, the leader in bowling sports apparel, has been named the official jersey of the Elite Youth Tour and has signed EYT co-founder Diandra Asbaty as a spokesperson and member of the company’s high-profile staff of champions, H5G President Todd Molbeck announced today.


The Elite Youth Tour, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2012 by world bowling champions Jason Belmonte of Australia and Asbaty, a Chicago resident. The organization, which focuses on youth development and leadership skills in addition to scholarship tournaments, was born out of love and passion for the sport of bowling.


“The Elite Youth Tour is focused on positive youth development,” Asbaty said. “We align ourselves with companies that are interested in investing in the lives of future leaders. The partnership between H5G and the Elite Youth Tour goes beyond the bowling lanes. We both realize that influencing bowlers off the lanes will have a much bigger impact than just on the lanes.”


Asbaty, a 15-time member of Team USA and winner of the 2012 United States Bowling Congress Queens title, and Belmonte, a three-time Professional Bowlers Tour Player of the Year and winner of eight PBA major titles, joined hands to fill a void with the Elite Youth Tour. In its brief existence, EYT has helped four young bowlers earn berths on the Junior Team USA and has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships. In addition to group-coaching sessions that focus on technique and game strategy, Asbaty offers one-on-one coaching.


Beyond bowling, Asbaty also believes a person’s appearance plays a role in expressing the individual’s personality. That’s another reason why she aligned herself with H5G.


“Anyone that knows me knows that I have a love for design and fashion,” she said. “I believe that expressing yourself through your clothing helps to define your character. Being on the H5G team allows me the freedom to show who I really am.


“Besides, it’s the first thing people see when they look at me,” she added. “The H5G designs are a complete reflection of who I am. My first coach ever once gave me pretty great advice: ‘It doesn’t matter how you bowl as long as you look good.’” 


“The Elite Youth Tour and Diandra Asbaty are perfect fits for H5G’s mission,” Molbeck said. “Diandra leads by example, in both how she acts and what she wears. It’s privilege to have her on our team.”


To learn more about the Elite Youth Tour, visit: For more information about H5G and its complete product line, visit, High 5 Gear on Facebook or @high5gear on Twitter.


APRIL 12th 2017

H5G to Produce Exclusive Designs for Bowling’s Petersen Classic


Waukesha, Wis. (April 12, 2017) – H5G, the leader in bowling sports apparel, has entered into a partnership with the iconic Petersen Classic to create and market exclusive apparel for tournament participants and fans, H5G President Todd Molbeck announced today.


H5G will create an exclusive Petersen classic jersey in honor of what is widely regarded as the world’s most challenging bowling tournament. The 107th edition of the tournament, which was founded in 1921 by Chicago proprietor Louis P. Petersen, is currently underway at Brunswick Zone River Grove in the Chicago suburb. In addition to offering the exclusive Petersen Classic jersey, H5G is offering a $50 gift certificate for future H5G apparel purchases to any bowler who wears any H5G jersey AND bowls a game of 215 or higher in Petersen Classic competition.


“When we entered the bowling market as High 5 Gear, we said our intention was to change the image of bowling by giving the sport a cool, contemporary and professional look, and we accomplished that,” Molbeck said. “Our new partnership with the Petersen Classic gives us a unique opportunity to provide participants and fans of this historic event with a unique product that not only celebrates its traditions, but does so in a completely modern way.”


To order your Petersen Classic jersey, visit


The Petersen Classic traditionally runs from April until Labor Day weekend. For rules and entry information, visit


In addition to its new partnership with the Petersen Classic, H5G is the official jersey provider for the Professional Bowlers Association and has sponsorship programs with the Professional Women’s Bowling Association, the PBA Xtra Frame Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles Championship and a number of other youth and charity bowling events.


The company also offers special incentive programs to provide its custom-designed, high-quality apparel to collegiate and high school teams. For more information about H5G and its complete product line, visit, High 5 Gear on Facebook or @high5gear on Twitter.